If you are looking for top quality hair extensions in Tauranga, you’ve come to the right place! We stock two types of hair extensions with two different price points. Both are amazing products! Contact us for your free consultation and one of our expertly trained hair extension specialists can help you decide what’s right for your hair.

Remy Russian 22 Inch Skin Weft Hair Extensions:

What does Remy mean? It means the outside layer of the hair shafts known as the cuticle layer (which look like fish scales when magnified) are all facing the same way. This makes the hair smooth and it doesn’t tangle. If you’ve had extensions before you will know how easily they can tangle. With our new Remy extensions you will no longer have to worry about this.

Russian hair is finer in texture which will match the texture of your natural hair if you have fine to medium hair.

Russian hair also starts off as a lighter shade. Whereas Indian hair will need to be lightened a lot more so the hair is already compromised before we get it in store. When matching the extension colour to your light blonde to medium brown hair it has been through less of a chemical service to achieve that shade.

Skin weft is how the hair is attached to the extension tape bond.

The skin weft is hand sewn hair right to the bond that attaches to your own hair. So the tape in hair extension can be easily coloured to your root colour for a seamless finish.

These hair extensions last between 9 and 12 months when maintained with good professional products including conditioning treatments, heat protectors and moisture products only. NO PROTEIN products should be used.

Full Head Russian Skin Weft 22 inch $760
1/2 Head Russian Skin Weft 22 inch $480

Skin Weft Hair Extensions Tauranga
Tape in Hair Extensions Tauranga

Remy Indian 18-22 Inch Tape In Hair Extensions:

Indian hair is coarser in texture so matches well to thick dark hair.

The extensions are attached by a tape bond, which sits nice and flat to the scalp.

The hair lasts up to 6 months when maintained with good professional products including conditioning treatments, heat protectors and moisture products. NO PROTEIN products should be used.

With all of our extensions we recommend getting them removed and reinstalled every 6-8 weeks to keep your natural hair and in the best possible condition. Each individual hair extension weighs roughly 5 grams, which can put tension on your hair when left too long between re tapes. Your hair will naturally malt leaving less hair in the bond and putting too much strain on remaining hair.

Full Head Indian Normal Tape In 18 – 22 inch $600
Half Head Indian Normal Tape In 18 – 22 inch $400

(Price includes cut and style, a 50% deposit is required at time of booking)

Re Tape $200
Re Tape Per Extension $15

Hair Extensions Maintenance & Care:

  • Do not use low quality shampoo and conditioner that contains any protein or sulphate, or has high alcohol content
  • Concentrate shampoo on own scalp rather than on extensions
  • Concentrate conditioner on extensions – midlengths to ends
  • Using an intense moisture hydrating mask regularly is a necessary part of maintaining extensions
  • Apply oil to midlengths and ends daily
  • Brush hair daily with a boar bristle or no tangle extension brush
  • Apply heat protectant spray (containing no protein and low alcohol content) prior to using heat styling tools
  • Extensions require maintenance every 6-8 weeks to keep the natural hair safe, damage free and manageable
  • It is normal to lose 1 – 5 extensions between maintenance, these can be re-applied ($10 per extension)
  • Dry hair gently with a hairdryer on low-medium heat
  • Always tie hair up when sleeping, a loose plait is best
  • Do not bleach hair extensions, use only a semi-permanent colour to go darker or tone to a similar shade
  • Do not sleep with wet hair
  • When swimming, wear hair in loose plait, never a bun or top knot
  • Rinse hair straight after swimming in chlorine or salt water
  • Avoid washing hair for 48-72 hours following tape in and skin weft hair extension application
  • After extension application wear the extensions in a low pony tail and low hairstyles only for the following week

My experience with hair extensions

I have had tape in extensions for about four years now and I love them!

I have changed the colour, length and volume of my hair thanks to hair extensions. I have very fine slow growing hair and hair extensions have allowed me to do so much more with my hair than I ever could have before.

I first had the 100% Indian tape in extensions, I loved how flat they sat to my scalp, how well the hair blended with my own and how confident they made me feel as I’m quite conscious of my fine hair especially being a hairdresser.

Recently I had our new 100% Russian skin weft tape in extensions installed and I can instantly tell the difference in look and feel. The texture of the hair more closely matches my own and the bonds, although a little bit thicker than traditional tape ins are more invisible due to the hand sewn technique used to create this amazing product.

I have found the new skin weft hair extensions easier to disguise when I wear my hair up because there is no plastic strip, it is all hair. They feel really comfortable from day one, it feels like there is instantly less tension on my scalp which is very important to me especially because of my baby fine hair.

I am amazed at how far and fast the technology for hair extensions has come since I started doing them and getting them installed in my hair. I am so passionate about our new product and I can’t wait to share it with our clients.

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